USA Expo's Leasing Model in Action: How Your Brand Can Save 39% in Event Costs

By now, we hope that you’ve heard about our exciting new way we can help brands own the event marketing space: our event display leasing model! Not sure what we’re talking about? Check it out here.

We are so excited to share the details of our event display leasing model, but much like when it comes to leasing a car, we know that some people just prefer to buy. However, we are confident that our leasing model can be such a huge benefit to event marketers that it may even change a few minds on buying vs. leasing or even renting. That’s why we’re sharing an example of what a leasing model looks like – and how the significant savings can help brands.

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The numbers make the case: in our example of how a leasing program works, a brand that participates in four trade or consumer shows over two years and leases a 20x20 high-end display can save 39% in costs. We all know that event marketing isn’t cheap, so imagine what a difference a 39% savings can make in your event marketing ROI. We can help make it happen.

The significant savings is because our leasing program combines event activation with the display. When considering activation costs for two events a year, you need to factor in labor, electrical, drayage, shipping and other miscellaneous costs, purchasing a display and being responsible for all this. The final tally will usually be around $48,640. With a leasing program from USA Expo, activation typically is around $31,040.

That’s a savings of about $17,600! And on top of those savings – you’ll have access to the activation and event experts at USA Expo, who will work with you on your overall event strategy, handle shipping, logistics and warehousing, coordinate all show services (such as drayage and electric), develop post-event reporting and so much more. The end result is a completely turnkey event marketing program – all a brand needs to do is arrive on event day ready to accomplish the goal!

When comparing leasing a high-end, completely customized and unique display to purchasing one, there are significant savings. To purchase this type of display outright could be around $200,000 – a cost that is due at the time of delivery. When opting for a leasing program, the cost of the display could only be $120,000 – and the amount can be spread out, providing a ton of financial flexibility.

Additionally, when purchasing a display - it's yours for the long haul. That means if it gets damaged in route to a show, you're responsible for fixing it. You also need to warehouse it in between shows, maintain it, and in 3 years when it looks a little outdated, you are still stuck with it. Choosing to lease an event display means that you don't have to stress about maintenance, warehousing, shipping or repairing anything broken. You can also rest easy knowing that your display will keep up with the trends, because you can get a new one every few years! 

The numbers don’t lie: our leasing program is unique to USA Expo and can make a huge difference in your event marketing right away. Ready to learn more about our leasing program and how it can benefit your brand? Contact us today.  

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