Up Your Digital Display Game

Digital displays are a great way to show a variety of content with minimal costs. Typically, TVs or monitors run scrolling slides, promoting products, services, or contact information. By spending a little additional time brainstorming, thinking through all aspects of your display and preparing content, you can feature something that may be more memorable and increase both booth attendance and engagement. Here's 3 ideas to get your inspiration going:

1. Create a brand video. Brand videos can include information about the history of your company, interviews with key personnel, and imagery that explains your business. For example, if you manufacture on-site but hardly anyone knows that unless they visit your facility, a video is a great way to highlight that feature. A brand video can also spark conversation with those in your booth.

2. Play a game. Interactive elements not only keep people in your booth longer, but they can also increase your audiences' engagement with your brand. Play a game that educates about a product or service, use it as a lead generator, or simply choose something fun to provide attendees a break from business.

3. Follow your feed. If your brand has a social media presence, or if you're encouraging social media activity elsewhere in your booth, feature your feed on a digital screen. You can filter by hashtags, tagging, or feature a promotion of your own Instagram or Twitter account. A real-time social media feed allows attendees yet another point of connection to your brand.

Digital displays have evolved past slideshows and scrolling ads, both in content and in distribution. Content can become mobile by using handheld devices or you can display in a more traditional method such as TV screens or monitors. Connect with one of our event experts today to discuss innovative options for your next event!



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