Should I Buy, Rent or Lease my Event Marketing Display?

There are a lot of factors that make an event marketing program a successful one, but here at USA Expo, we would argue that the display is one of, if not, the most important. The right event display can be the single difference between a successful event and one that just went okay. A great display can help to encourage show attendees to enter your booth, rather than just walk by.

So when it’s time to start thinking about your event marketing display, it’s only natural to have a wide variety of questions and concerns: from what size it should be to what is a reasonable cost, and that doesn’t even take into account a beautiful design that stands out in a crowd.

One of the most common questions we hear regarding event marketing displays is: “should I buy, rent or lease my display?” This decision greatly impacts your event marketing strategy, so we’re breaking down the three options for you:

Buying an Event Marketing Display. Buying a display is very similar to buying a car. With the purchase of a display, you can use it wherever, whenever and for as long as you'd like. It is yours to do with as you please. You should consider purchasing a display if you plan to use the display for several years and you only have one event per year. Note that buying comes with higher pricing, maintenance throughout the life of the display, coordination of storage, and the costs of repairs if damaged onsite or during shipping.

Renting an Event Marketing Display. It’s time to think about renting a display when you only need the display for a short period of time (like renting a car). With renting, there is no coordination of storage or maintenance. Note that renting also comes with higher pricing and the costs of repairs if returned damaged.

Leasing an Event Marketing Display. Leasing is a newer option for event displays that USA Expo offers. Leasing is ideal for brands that participate in two or more events each year, desire a new display every two-three years and want to customize the look and feel. 

With USA Expo's leasing model, we combine event activation with the display. This model allows brands financial flexibility, to have a high-priced display for a fraction of the cost, to be worry-free (USA Expo manages everything - from install & dismantle to storage to maintenance), and an opportunity to increase ROI.  Leasing can bring the cost of a display down substantially when compared to purchasing a display outright or even renting. In fact, we've found that for brands that attend four events over two years with a 20x20 high-end display, the savings are as much as 39%. Check out the breakdown now to see the savings for yourself.

Did you buy, rent or lease your event marketing display? Why did you make that decision? Share below! 

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