Our Capabilities Spotlight: Reporting

Our Capabilities Spotlight: Reporting

It’s no secret that here at USA Expo, we’re pretty excited about data. We believe that data is not just the future of event marketing, it’s the now, and for good reason. Data can help event marketers see the effectiveness of their overall event marketing program and allow them to make better decisions.

That’s why we are excited to share the highlights of our reporting and analytics capabilities. No matter what type of partnership a company engages in with USA Expo, data is part of it. When you work with us, we provide a comprehensive analysis of data and analytics directly related to your ultimate company goals, including where and how the event marketing strategy can be improved.

This approach sets us apart from other event marketing agencies, as reporting and analytics in the event marketing industry is behind other industries. For many companies, the success or failure of an event marketing program is based solely on a gut feeling, which doesn’t provide the type of transparency or visibility we strive for.

Typically, there are three levels of reporting and analytics in the event marketing space. No matter which level of reporting is available, we’re able to utilize the results of data tracking to make better event marketing strategy decisions.

Level 1: This level includes a minimum level of tracking and analytics. It can typically include reporting on event attendance, leads and/or sales achieved at an event. By providing this information, we can easily put together a cost per lead, which can help influence staffing decisions, footprint adjustments and much more for your overall event marketing program and even for the same event the following year.

Level 2: This level incorporates some of the basics like attendance and leads, but will get slightly more detailed such as including addressable market versus show attendance. The addressable audience is the actual number of attendees who walk by your booth. This level of data may also include some other engagement-driven numbers such as dwell time.  

Level 3: This level provides a full funnel strategic reporting view of their event programs, starting with market demographics in addition to reporting on addressable market, event engagements, dwell time and much more. At this level, event marketing statistics can be integrated with digital efforts and CRMs. With this level of reporting, there is not much we aren’t analyzing! While every level of reporting is a benefit to any event marketing program, utilizing this level of data can help tell a clearer, more accurate and comprehensive picture as well as reveal trends over time.

Interested in learning more about our reporting and analytics capabilities or how data can help your event marketing program? Download our white paper now.

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