Must-Read Event Marketing Stats and How to Incorporate them into your Event Marketing Program

The right statistic or piece of data can go a long way – one of the many reasons we are so obsessed with using data in your event marketing program. But sometimes statistics and data aren’t just used to measure your event marketing success – they can be used to inspire you!

That’s what we’re here for today – with five pieces of must-read event marketing statistics, and how you can incorporate them into your own event marketing strategies and plans. Use these statistics and advice to try something new in your event marketing strategies or to convince your leadership team to start or expand your event marketing program! However you use them, we know you’ll enjoy reading them.

  1. 88% of event professionals said using an event app had a positive impact on attendee satisfaction, a key metric. (Guidebook)

How to Use it: This statistic should help you get inspired and make the decision to invest in using some sort of event technology such as an event app! It’s a no brainer – it can help attendee satisfaction, and a great, budget-friendly place to start is using a lead generation app.

  1. Event marketing usually consumes 20-25% of a company’s marketing budget. (Hubspot)

How to Use it: Use this stat to see how your budget compares! Are you spending less? Spending more? You don’t have to live and die by this number, but it’s a good mark to see how others are spending when it comes to event marketing budgets. And if you’re spending less but hoping to see an increase in budget – it’s a great statistic to find its way to your boss!

  1. Over 86% of event marketers said attendee satisfaction is their best gauge on event success. (Guidebook)

How to Use it: This statistic should not only inspire you, it should inspire you to do better! Do you really want to rely on attendee satisfaction as your only gauge of success? A gut feeling shouldn’t be the only way you describe whether an event was successful or not. This is your chance to start a data-driven event marketing program. Download our white paper to learn more.

  1. 51% of event professionals say the biggest challenge in using social media is how to use it effectively. (Event Manager Blog)

How to Use it: This is another event marketing statistic that should inspire you to do better! If 51% of event professionals aren’t using social media effectively, the door is open for a lot of opportunity. Take the time to learn about your audience and where they are spending their time on social media. That’s where you should be, too, joining in on conversations, sharing relevant stories.

  1. 79% of brands say they will execute more event and experiential programs this year compared to last year. (EMI & Mosaic)

How to Use it: This is great news! More and more brands are embarking on event marketing programs each year – are you one of the brands just getting started? If so, you’re in great company, and you’re at the right place! We are here to help with event marketing strategies, news and more. Keep updated on our blog!

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