Making the Most of your Event Marketing Agency Relationship

Making the decision to partner with an event marketing agency can be a lengthy and important process. You want to make sure it’s a right fit and that the agency works just as hard as you to ensure your event programs are a success.

When we sign on a new client, I feel like I’m sporting a t-shirt with their logo on it! That’s because in the perfect agency/client relationship, your agency should act as your partner or even as a member of your team. We’re all about the ideal client/agency relationship, so we’re sharing a few tips on how to make the most of the relationship.

Working Together to Set Goals

Your agency should come to the table prepared to help you set overall event marketing program goals, and smaller, more specific goals for each event. However, before your agency digs into your event marketing program and helps you set goals, they should fully immerse themselves into your business.

If business immersion did not happen during the sales process, one of your very first meetings with your agency team should be a deep dive into your business. In fact, even if the agency sales team is educated in your business, you should still do a business immersion with the team doing the day to day work. Make sure you educate the agency about how your company runs day to day, anything important they may need to know, overall company goals, how your department works with others and more. There is no detail too small to share: it may help them in the future with goal setting, coming up with creative displays and much more.

Working Together to Plan

Planning your overall event marketing strategies is where you’ll be working most closely with your new agency, and where you may find you want to rely on their expertise. Planning your overall event marketing program should include selecting the right events, negotiation contracts and sponsorships, finding the right location within an event for your display, putting together the perfect display, data collection, post-event reporting and more.

Don’t forget, your event marketing agency is an expert in events: lean on their knowledge as expertise! They should provide insight and offer their recommendations.

Reporting After an Event

After an event, your event marketing agency should be ready and eager to share with you some critical numbers. After all, if you’ve been reading our blog, you’ll know we are huge fans of utilizing data to make critical business decisions and measuring success. Download our white paper on data-driven event marketing now to learn more.

Some of the information you should expect to get from your event marketing agency post-event includes:

How do you make the most of your event marketing agency relationship? Share below!

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