Looking Back on Our 2017 Event Marketing Year

2017 has been quite the year…but you know us at USA Expo: it’s not enough to just say it was, we like to back it up with data. From holiday shows to conferences, home shows and even street festivals, we were there for it all with our clients. In 2017, we achieved:

  • 145 Event Activations
  • 44,835,891 Impressions for Clients
  • Events across 38 States

We had so much fun in 2017 brainstorming even bigger and better ways for our clients to stand out from a crowd through various event marketing tactics such as unique booths, and we were thrilled when our efforts won a 2017 Smartie Award for Best Interactive Booth! We partnered with GMC to create a one-of-a-kind-interactive tradeshow experience that allowed GMC to connect with customers in a brand new way. Event attendees were able to get up close and personal with the newest models and could enter to win a new vehicle.

Not only did we help our clients who have been with us a while achieve their event marketing goals, we were able to help a number of new clients as well! We are thrilled to welcome Sling to the USAE family. In 2017, we helped the brand execute 35 events across the USA ranging from a Brazilian Independence Day event in NYC to a Chinese Movie Night in San Francisco. Each event targeted very specific demographics and Sling was able to sign new customers right on site.

One of our favorite parts of 2017 was being able to leverage our expertise to help brands better understand event marketing and learn how it is an important tool to achieve overall business goals. We published 22 blogs on various event marketing topics from event activation to event staffing and so much more, including quite a few infographics, too! But a top dog remains from 2016: our data-driven whitepaper is STILL one of Event Marketer’s Top 3 Downloads!

It’s been a great year, but we’re looking forward to continuing to work alongside amazing brands in 2018 to reach new audiences, engage new customers and achieve business goals!

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