Our Event Display Leasing Model: Event Marketing at its Finest

One of the reasons why brands partner with USA Expo is our ability to help them stand out from the crowd. As a company, we strive to do the same – stand out from others in the industry. That’s why we are excited to share details about our event leasing model: a unique offering in the event marketing space based off of proven results and case studies.

If your brand participates in two or more events (consumer shows/trade shows) per year, you could be a perfect match for our event leasing model! After assessing your brand, our team will create a custom leasing program for you which incorporates a display and all activation elements. This program will allow you to have a completely distinct, visually appealing display, while also saving time and money. The result…a better ROI!

In the event marketing industry, when it comes to displays, typically brands have two options: buy or rent. While both are viable options, you now have the ability to lease! Have you ever leased a car? Well, leasing a display is quite similar. You get a brand-new display (aka ride) every few years, do not have to worry about maintenance/damage, and have lower payments. Ultimately, you could have a high-quality, expensive display (retailing around $150K) for a fraction of the cost. We’ve found that in most cases, leasing an event display is the best option when doing multiple events per year.

On top of leasing the display, our model integrates activation. This includes creating an event strategy, ordering show services such as drayage, coordinating logistics and warehousing, reporting, and so on. That’s right: you just show up at your event to a display that is fully set up, and looks brand new because it’s always properly maintained by our quality assurance team. After the event, you simply leave and allow us to take care of the rest.   

Pairing display leasing and onsite activation in our event leasing model truly makes the entire event marketing program turnkey for our clients! Most brands love the ability to revamp their display every few years as it allows them to stay trendy and doesn’t let their event presence get stale.

Now you can see why we’re so excited about our event leasing program! Want to learn more? Contact us today.  

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