How Much Staff do I Need Working in my Event Display?

The phrase “first impressions are everything” is never more true than when it comes to event marketing. Beyond how your event display looks and feels to event attendees, what kind of impression do you think it would make if someone steps into your booth and is bombarded by staff, or, even worse, can’t find someone to speak to at all?

With many more booths to stop by, the chances of an event attendee waiting around to speak with your staff are probably slim to none. That’s why it’s critical to nail the number of staff you need working in your display. Too many and you’ll overwhelm event attendees and too few and you may miss critical sales opportunities.

Unfortunately, it’s not just as simple as saying to bring your top 20 staff members, and there is no magic number. A variety of factors can, and should, influence how many staff you have working in your event display.

Some of those factors include:

  • Projected event attendance
  • Booth size – you don’t want to have more staff than can fit into the space
  • Booth type - do you have an island with all four sides open, or an inline with one side open?
  • The products or services you’re marketing – do they require a lengthy discussion/explanation?
  • Are event attendees a highly-qualified audience for your products or services?
  • Are you able to take company staff away from their day-to-day responsibilities?

You may also want to consider some equations as well. For example, some companies typically have one staff member for every 100 feet of display space, not including space occupied by your display or demonstrations.

You can also utilize your event goals and work backwards from there. For example, if you have a goal of 100 leads and anticipate that a staff member can bring in 60 leads a day, for a 2-day show, you can have 2 staff members.

Make sure that those you are choosing to staff the event are set up for success: they have a professional look and demeanor, an outgoing personality, are comfortable engaging with a variety of potential customers, can start a conversation from nothing and keep attendees engaged. It’s also incredibly helpful if they are familiar with the product or services you’re marketing.

In some cases, it may not be feasible to take your best and most knowledge staff from their day to day responsibilities in the office. In that case, brand ambassadors are available to come represent your brand for the duration of the event, helping to drive leads and staff the display.

Once you’ve nailed down how many staff members, here are a few expert tips to ensure they’re set up for success, especially if you make the decision to hire brand ambassadors:

  • Make sure everyone is well trained well before the event: with event goals, top sales features, event resources they should be using, etc.
  • Provide your event staff with a list of top questions they’ll most likely hear during the event or “elevator pitch”
  • Make sure everyone is familiar with company history, mission, etc.
  • Spell out the dress code so your staff is easily identifiable
  • Take some time pre-event to review the display and event basics
  • Set expectations on performance, cell phone usage during the event, etc.

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