How to Determine How Many Events to Attend Each Year

As we kick off another exciting year of event marketing, more brands than ever are entering the space, attending their first of many consumer events or trade shows. For those that are new to event marketing, the very first question most ask is: how many events should we be attending this year? 

Like most questions in event marketing, there is no clear cut answer or magic number – instead it’s a thoughtful decision that needs to be carefully considered and options weighed. If you’ve made the wise decision to partner with an event marketing agency, they can help guide you in the right direction. Here’s a few things you should be keeping in mind: 

  1. Budget. Likely the most important thing to keep in mind is budget. And we mean every single line item – from the cost of a booth at the event to the cost of storing your display when you’re not at an event. There is much more to attending an event than just the cost, so make sure you’re taking into account the entire big picture of the budget. 

Once you have an idea of the additional costs that your event marketing program may occur, you can quickly see if you have budget to attend multiple events or just one. Don’t forget to consider the cost of the event you want to attend, also! Some events are more expensive than others, but if all you can afford is a booth that has little to no traffic and a display that doesn’t stand out, you may want to reconsider in favor of a less expensive event. Check out our blog on whether an expensive trade show is worth it to learn more! 

  1. Staffing. From someone to handle the entire event marketing program itself from start to finish to ensuring you have enough sales staff to follow up on leads post-event – do you have all the staff necessary for a multiple event year? Coordinating an event presence isn’t quite as simple as it sounds: it will be a large chunk of that employee’s time throughout the year, so make sure that they have the time available to devote to the project. Also consider sales staff for following up post-event and staffing the event itself. 

It takes a village to execute a successful event marketing program – make sure you have enough people in yours to spread across several events!

  1. The Events Themselves. How much research have you done on the events you’re hoping to attend? If you’re just selecting additional events to attend simply to get in front of a wider audience and meet sales goals, you may want to take a step back and evaluate the events.

Make sure that you’re selecting events that have the right audience size, taking extra care to ensure the audience itself contains your target demographic, customer personas and potential customers located in the right geographic area. Don’t just attend events to attend them, or improve the ROI on your beautiful new event display – make them worth it. Check out our five steps to finding the best events for your brand to learn more.     


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