How Big Should My Event Exhibit Be?

We’re dedicated to helping event marketers be more successful with their event marketing program each year. So far, we’ve given tips on choosing the best booth location, choosing the best event, talked a lot about reporting and data, and so much more. Today we’re answering another common event marketing question: how big should my event exhibit be?

Bigger is better, right? So why are we dedicating an entire blog post to the subject of booth size? Because with event marketing, bigger isn’t necessarily the answer to attracting more consumers and gaining leads. There are so many small details that go into successful event marketing, the biggest booth space won’t translate into instant success without proper staffing, a great reason for consumers to come speak with you and much more.

But the question remains: just how big should my event exhibit be? The not-so simple answer: it depends. How big your event space should be needs to reflect a multitude of factors, including what the event has available, available display assets, budget, staffing and your ultimate event marketing goals.

Deciding how big your event booth should be is one of the first questions you answer when setting up your overall event marketing strategy. The most common exhibit types can be found here.

When deciding your event marketing strategies and which booth to land on, the biggest factors to take into consideration are what size spaces the event has available and what display assets you have available. If the event has an open 20x20 island space or a 10x20 end cap space, and you have the display assets available at that time, that is a good start! Check to see what size exhibit your competitors will have as well!

The next couple important factors to consider are budget and staffing. A larger display is much more costly. Does the cost of the space align with your budget for that event? If not, it might not be the best way to spend your money. You may be better off having a smaller exhibit and spending the budget on a great engagement-driving feature like a giveaway. Do you only have two team members available to work at the event? Then a large space isn’t the best option. You don’t want consumers to enter your booth and then immediately leave when there is no one available to answer questions or give them a product demonstration. Staff your exhibit space so that there is always someone available (on all sides) to greet event attendees and answer questions. 

Finally, make sure you take into account your overall event marketing program goals. Are you aiming for a specific number of sales or leads, or just looking to boost brand awareness? Make sure your costs do not outpace your return. Keep in mind to also staff your booth based on event goals, i.e. how many staff members you need to generate leads or close sales. If a conversation to close takes 10 minutes, your sales goal is 100 and there are 8 show hours, having only two staff members will make it impossible to hit your goal. Your goals can help make booth size decisions a breeze.


What do you consider when determining exhibit size for events? Share below in the comments section!     

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