Five Things to Consider when Starting a B2C Event Marketing Program

Participating in B2C event marketing shows can seem like a dream come true. You can reach thousands of potential customers simply by showing up and talking about your products and services! And all those customers you speak to on that day will be lining up for sales, right? Maybe it’s too good to be true…

Not if you have the right event marketing strategy behind your B2C marketing program! Event marketing is not an easy undertaking – there are a lot of moving parts and pieces, but like all marketing and business activities, if done right, it can have a significant impact on your overall business goals. If you’re thinking about starting an event marketing program, here are a few critical things to consider:

  1. Are you ready to undertake the cost? From staffing the booth to purchasing an event display and getting it to the event and set up, an event marketing program can be costly! Take a step back and evaluate the full picture – including all of the hours spent developing strategy and goals. 

There are certainly ways to save money on an event marketing program, such as leasing a display instead of purchasing one and utilizing an event marketing agency for negotiations and strategy, but the costs still need to be within your budget. If you’re not ready to devote the time and budget to the event marketing program, it might not be the right time. 

  1. Consider your goals. It’s not enough to set goals for the event itself – because the cost of event marketing can be significant, you want to make sure it’s worth it for your overall business goals. Take a step back and look at those, then determine how your B2C event marketing program can help. Maybe it’s an overall sales goal you think an event can help contribute to, or it’s increased brand awareness. No matter what your business goals are, there’s a way event marketing can contribute – it’s just identifying it.
  1. Evaluate the event itself. Sure, an event may boast that thousands of customers will pass your booth, but are they qualified buyers? Make sure that the event demographic information matches your target audience. Otherwise, you may find yourself talking all day long about your products and services with little sales to show for it.
  1. Establish a sound strategy. It’s not enough to prepare your goals and come with a brand-new display – every successful B2C event marketing program has a solid strategy behind it. Have you thought about how many shows will make sense to attend? Do you have a way to close the loop on event attendees so that you can capture their information for your sales team? What about a way to actually engage those attendees at the show? How about raising brand awareness just in time for the show?

Make sure you’re taking the time to think of each and every small part of event marketing, and you’ve got the strategy to back it up. If you’re new to event marketing, it may make sense to work with experienced event professionals to guide the strategy. Which brings us to our last point…. 

  1. Don’t be afraid to get help. Event marketing is a big undertaking, and if you’re new to it, there is a big learning curve! You wouldn’t try to learn how to code your huge new website yourself without professional help, so why try to launch an event marketing program solo? Pull from an experienced event marketing team and you can save yourself time, money and lots of stress – trust us.

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