Our Five Best Consumer Show Practices

A consumer event marketing show can sound like a business’s dream: a chance to get your products or services in front of a huge audience that perfectly aligns with your target demographic. So gather up some branded keychains to give away, put together a quick display and hit the road, right? Maybe not…

In fact, that’s the opposite of how you should approach a consumer show. It’s all about standing out in a unique way, knowing what success actually is and much more. We’re sharing five of our best practices for consumer shows. 

  1. Know your Numbers. When all is said and done, the numbers tell the story of success or not. So before you even sign an event contract, you should know the numbers that are most important to you. That way, you’ll be easily able to determine if the event was successful or not. 

Pro Tip: Make sure not to rely on revenue only. There is much more that makes an event successful! Need some inspiration? Check out this blog for five pieces of data to analyze.  

  1. Stand Out and Engage your Audience. 48% of event attendees say face-to-face interactions are more valuable today than two years ago. If this isn’t reason enough to make sure your event presence helps you stand out, we don’t know what is! Make sure that your booth stands out and draws event attendees in so that you can interact and engage with them.
  1. Engage in a Unique Way. A consumer show is full of other competitors who are working hard to draw in attendees. Make sure you’re standing out in a unique way – through experiences instead of giveaways or with a really spectacular event marketing display. 
  1. Establish a data collection process. Once you’ve drawn attendees in and engaged them, don’t let them leave without collecting some of their information. You may want to consider utilizing an iPad or apps to capture and manage leads – this can impress potential customers and keep you organized, too! If you’re investing in an app, make sure to do plenty of research and find one that integrates with your CRM.
  1. Follow up with Leads. Speaking of collecting data – make sure you’re actually using it, too! Post-event, your sales team should be working hard to continue to engage event attendees, whether speaking to them directly or starting email or social campaigns targeted to them. Not getting in front of this audience of engaged potential customers can mean missed sales.

 What’s your best consumer show best practice? Share below!

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