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Event Marketing Exhibit Options: Should I Choose an Island or Linear Exhibit?

Posted on October 10, 2017 by David M. Toth -

There are many steps along the way when it comes to planning your event marketing strategy, but few pieces of strategy are as important as selecting the type of exhibit for your booth. It can be difficult to know what type of exhibit is the best option for your event, and there’s no clear right or wrong answer, so we’re breaking down two of the most popular exhibit types, island and linear exhibits.

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Must-Read Event Marketing Stats and How to Incorporate them into your Event Marketing Program

Posted on March 03, 2017 by David M. Toth -

The right statistic or piece of data can go a long way – one of the many reasons we are so obsessed with using data in your event marketing program. But sometimes statistics and data aren’t just used to measure your event marketing success – they can be used to inspire you!

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Making the Most of your Event Marketing Agency Relationship

Posted on December 12, 2016 by David M. Toth -

Making the decision to partner with an event marketing agency can be a lengthy and important process. You want to make sure it’s a right fit and that the agency works just as hard as you to ensure your event programs are a success.

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Event Marketing Technology and Trends You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

Posted on November 11, 2016 by David M. Toth -

With the incredible growth in the event marketing industry, it’s no surprise that event marketers are constantly looking for ways to improve their events. One of the best ways to do that is to embrace new technology. While it can be daunting to incorporate the latest and greatest into your event marketing program, it can also be incredibly beneficial. Here are five pieces of event marketing technology and trends that you shouldn’t miss out on.

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10 Statistics to Support Your 2017 Event Marketing Plan

Preparing your 2017 event marketing plan, and need some supporting stats to help substantiate your budget and initiatives?  Here are 10 stats to help:

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Five Event Marketing Strategies and Trends for 2017

Posted on October 10, 2016 by David M. Toth -

The holiday season is right around the corner, which means the end of the year is near. For some in the event marketing industry, it’s the busiest time of the year, and for others it’s a time to slow down. No matter how busy or slow you are, now is the time to reflect on the year’s event programs and think forward to next year. It’s never too early to plan ahead!  

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Event Marketing Strategies: Five Tips on Picking the Right Show to Attend

It happens to the best of us: your team works tirelessly to create the best event marketing program possible, spending hours on the right display, working on sales pitches and much more, only to have the effort yield little results. In many cases, it can go back to basics: were you at the right event?

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5 Planning Tips for a Successful Event Marketing Program

Independent of b2b marketing or b2c marketing, creating an event marketing strategy to maximize your investment, customer experience and desired outcomes all require a specific road map and proper internal alignment. Here are a few tips from our past experience in both consumer and trade shows.

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How to Determine your KPI's in Consumer Events


When determining your KPIs for an event, program or sales/marketing initiative, each tactic requires its own metrics.  Metrics are key in order for us to evaluate how we can grow, determine if you are in the right event(s), track the success of your activation program, assess staffing issues and several other key factors that will ultimately  enable you to achieve (or prevent you from reaching) your company goals.


While an event is underway, what are the questions or concerns that will keep you up at night? Questions such as:  

  • Did my staff on-site hit their daily sales or lead goal?
  • How many people walked into the booth but didn’t convert?
  • Are we obtaining the impressions we need today in order to hit our total CPM allocation in the sponsorship (which cost us way more than we had hoped)?

All great late night questions, and if your KPIs don't overlap with some of these concerns, it’s time to re-evaluate or establish new KPIs that are specific to each campaign. By following a few simple tips, you should be able to turn those questions into clearly defined KPIs and understand the best way to use them.

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