5 Tips on Choosing the Best Booth Location

As National Sales Director at USA Expo, I’m the first person to answer any and all event marketing questions prospective clients may have. I’m happy to share my expertise, although many may be surprised to learn that a lot of my expertise in the event marketing space comes from my previous experience, when I was working for a Fortune 100 company and was tasked with building an event marketing program from the ground up. With no experience in the industry, I had to learn on the fly and teach myself a lot along the way!

Luckily, you don’t have to teach yourself. I’m here to help, and today I’m tackling a question I hear from potential and even current clients often: “How do I choose the best booth location?”

The saying “location, location, location” doesn’t just apply when you’re looking for new real estate. The phrase rings true for event marketing - no matter if it’s a trade show or a consumer event, it’s all about where you are. Every company is hoping for a prime location that provides an endless stream of people walking by, but unfortunately it isn’t always feasible. And no two booth locations are created equal.  

So how do you pick a booth location that achieves your needs without crushing your budget? Keep these tips in mind.

Keep in Mind High Traffic Areas. Of course, being nearby a high traffic area is always a bonus. If possible, you should strive to be close to the entrance. It’s great to be one of the first booths in vision, and it’s also a great spot because attendees are fresh and full of energy at the beginning of their trip! Other high traffic areas to keep in mind for consumer shows are the rest rooms and food areas. You will want to be close, but not too close. If an attendee has to pass your booth to get to these places, that is key. For a trade show, if there are speakers, a high traffic area may be nearby the exhibit rooms. Be cautious of show features that produce a lot of noise: it makes it difficult to have a conversation with attendees.  

Corners and Busy Intersections. Not only is a corner or intersection a great place to have your booth because of traffic, this location means that it can be open on two sides. Double the places for attendees to enter your booth means potential double the engagements. If a show has a main aisle – that is the place to be too! Not sure which type of exhibit will fit into your space? Check out our blog on the most common types.  

Traffic Flow. It’s likely that traffic will flow in a uniform way, so take a look at the show map and try to plan accordingly. Keep in mind that most event attendees flow to the right, so if possible, try to be to the right.  

Other Exhibitors/Sponsors. At an event, you want to hang out with the “popular” crowd. Discover where top brands, sponsors and attendee favorites are located. It is beneficial to be close to these exhibitors as they bring traffic to them. Be mindful of where your competitors are located also. Give yourself some space between your booth and theirs.  

Past Experience. Have you participated in the event before? Or has a competitor of yours participated? Look at the results. Location could have been a factor in the success or lack of. Have you visited the show and walked the floor yourself? If so, where were the hot spots?     

What factors do you consider when picking out a booth location? Share in the comments below!     

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